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CAP Tulsa is a community action agency focused on interrupting the cycle of poverty, and ensuring that all children reach their full developmental potential by the end of third grade. Toward that end, CAP Tulsa provides high-quality early education services for young children, as well as a range of supportive services designed to improve the economic status of their parents. The agency’s two generation approach aims not only to prepare young children for future success in school, but to champion their parents, as well, through programs designed to strengthen parenting skills, and increase employability and earning potential.

Researchers from Georgetown University found that children who participated in CAP Tulsa Head Start in 2004 outperformed non-participants on the state math achievement test, were 34% less likely to be chronically absent and 31% less likely to be retained prior to eighth grade. Parents report improved outlook and engagement, and employees demonstrate a strong commitment to the Agency’s mission while enjoying a great place to work. In fact, The NonProfit Times 2018 Best Places to Work report ranks CAP Tulsa #2 in the nation among large agencies with 250 or more employees.

Our mission is to help young children in lower-income families grow up and achieve economic success.
Our vision for the future is that children grow up and achieve economic success so that their children are not born into poverty.
Our method is to combine high quality early childhood education with innovative family services and resources.
CAP Tulsa is one of the largest anti-poverty agencies in Oklahoma. We believe every family and every child deserves the same opportunity for success. This is achieved by empowering low-income families with the education and tools they need to break the cycle of poverty. CAP Tulsa provides the support and guidance with early childhood education and comprehensive enrichment programs for the entire family.

CAP Tulsa specifically focuses on a two-generation approach that aims not only to prepare young children for future success in school but also their parents through programs designed to increase parenting skills, employability and earning potential. Our goal is that children enter school prepared for success, families create a nurturing and secure environment for their children and that families are connected to one another.


Classroom Assistant

May 2019 - August 2019 Tulsa, OK
“Working at CAP Tulsa is great working experience and perfect for a summer job.”

Classroom Assistant

May 2018 - August 2018 Tulsa, OK
“Great summer job and a good way to gain experience working with children for anyone interested in becoming a teacher.”
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