Capital Care Staffing

About Capital Care Staffing

Capital Care Staffing is a Nebraska-based nursing staffing agency that calls Lincoln, NE home. We offer employment opportunities for certified and licensed RN's, LPN's, Med Aides, and CNA's. Our team is full of the best healthcare professionals and workers that Nebraska has to offer. We strive to provide our nurses with as many benefits and perks to help influence their success.

Company perks and benefits packages include:
• Competitive Pay
• Insurance Packages
• Retirement Match
• Shift Bonuses
• Flexible Scheduling

We provide an open concept with your schedule to help you 'Find Your Flexibility'. For students, working parents, and those who have a financial goal in mind, we want to help you! By allowing yourself to create your own work schedule, your daily life is easygoing and helps influence your success. Our neighbors and communities are our top priority when it comes to who we want to help. Partnering with numerous Long Term Care Homes and Assisted Living Communities across Nebraska allows our team to work where they are most comfortable.

If you're ready to 'Find Your Flexibility' in your daily life and create an easygoing schedule for yourself, contact us TODAY! We're Always Here. Always Caring.

Capital Care Staffing requires the following for hire but is not limited to:

- Active certification/license through the state of Nebraska Board of Nursing or compounding state.

- Six months experience for the position applying for.

- Must be 18 years and older.

- Valid driver's license.

- Reliable means of transportation.

Please note: All requirements are subject to change.


Certified Nursing Assistant

June 2018 - April 2020 Lincoln, NE
“Capital Care is a great staffing agency that provides its employees with lots of opportunities to pick up shifts near them. This was the first staffing agency I worked for, and both Sam and Nikkie were wonderful at making sure I felt confident and comfortable walking into new facilities. Throughout my time with this company, I moved twice and found ample shift openings in each area! Being able to make my own schedule allowed me to continue my education and support myself through nursing school. This company truly cares for and goes above and beyond to support all of their employees 🙂”
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