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About Carbon-12 Labs

Enable universal access to international finance.

We are building the most seamless infrastructure for anyone to access sound money. Cryptography-powered blockchains ("cryptonetworks") enable developers to build applications such as decentralized money that give power back to users: for the first time, users control who and what can access their data. To this end, our first product is the CUSD stablecoin which algorithmically pegs its price to $1. In the short-term, price-stability allows for people to transact in a practical way, and the long-term stability enables other important financial functions such as loans and credit. A stable digital and decentralized currency could become a global medium of exchange. Stablecoins usher in a new option for those who want to transact through a global currency, allowing access for all, but especially the unbanked, to the world’s financial systems


Blockchain Engineer

June 2018 - August 2018 New York City, NY
“Wonderful people, strong mission, great company.”
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