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Can someone offer some specific advice about the interview process at Cardinal Health?

I think the most important thing to highlight/demonstrate is an ability to learn. Analytics, especially at Cardinal, is often not as defined (for better or worse) as roles like finance or accounting, which rarely change and use the same skills each day. Analytics is faster moving and need to shap...
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Does Cardinal Health offer a training program for their interns? If so, how does it look like?

Training for an intern is largely the same across functions. When I was an intern, there was no specific analytics training, aside from your day to day work, which is with a team and a manager or director. You will be given legitimate analytics tasks and responsibilities, and a major project to c...
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For anyone who has worked at Cardinal Health, would you say it's a good company to work for?

I think it depends on what function you're looking to do. Cardinal is a huge company that moves quickly and often acts before it gets all the details sorted out, which makes it an interesting/sometimes exciting place, but also one where change management and adaptability are key. If you're in a s...
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Is the compensation for a finance intern at Cardinal Health?

I'm not allowed to disclose the detail. I can say the compensation is around market average for an Finance and Accounting intern.
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Does Cardinal Health offer a mentorship program, whether it's for interns or full-time employees?

We do not have a specific mentorship program. Usually, manager will be directly responsible to you. And I believe that everyone else within the company could possibly be your mentor as long as you're willing to ask questions and to learn.
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For the Quality and Regulatory Audit Coordinator role at Cardinal Health, does anyone have any insights to the good and bad parts of it?

I like that in my role, I contribute to delivering quality health care products and services to end patients. I also enjoy researching and performing due diligence on our customer (pharmacies, hospitals, etc) to ensure that we are selling the right products to the right people or facilities. Ther...
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If I want to get into Cardinal Health's Backstage Pass program, what would you recommend are good questions to ask a recruiter?

Backstage Pass was definitely an advantage come time for career fair because I recognized some familiar faces which made it a lot easier to approach the recruiters and chat. Some questions I would suggest asking is about the Emerge program— it seems like a great way to explore your field of inter...
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