Changing Children's Worlds Foundation

About Changing Children's Worlds Foundation

The Changing Children’s Worlds Foundation (CCWF) mission is for every child and adolescent to be supported in positive development by caregivers and professionals within loving, non-violent families and peaceful communities. Our vision is reduced exposure to violence and aggression for every child and caregiver, allowing positive development and well-being, so new generations are supported to have improved opportunities in life.

Our goal for every community:
1. Train a broad base of community professionals and paraprofessionals in the “The Best Start” approach, based on the International Child Development Program, for use in transformative pro-social, empathy-based work with families;
2. Train several as community “Best Start” Facilitators of Parent Learning Groups and Children’s Programs.

Our “Best Start” Health Equity approach strengthens and changes families, including those who struggle with intergenerational poverty, racism, violence, neglect, family dysfunction, parental incarceration, or where parents are facing challenges of immigration, military deployment, domestic violence, divorce, teen-parenting, children’s special needs. Our philosophy is to holistically fortify communities of professionals and caregivers/parents, creating environments in which children can be safe, thrive, learn and succeed.

“The Best Start” program supports and nurtures parents to help their children thrive. Our philosophy is to support parents/caregivers (including grandparents, extended family, foster families), especially those at risk of violence (referred, mandated and voluntary), including through schools and crisis centers, to create positive home environments, so children may succeed socially and academically.


Clinical Psychology Intern

May 2019 - August 2019 Geneva, IL
“I loved gaining experience with a non-profit as that is my intended field for my future career.”
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