Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen

About Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen

Summary of position:
Provide genuine and friendly service that is responsive to all of your guests' needs resulting in an exceptional dining experience. Each server's primary objective is to meet the needs of our guests- not only in their section but throughout the restaurant.

Essential job functions:
-Welcome and greet guests. Make all our guests feel comfortable and let them know you're there to personally take care of them
-Approach guests within two minutes or less and guide them through the menu to enhance their guest experience by offering and describing menu items in an inviting way
-Find ways to please our guests through personalized service and genuine concern for their experience
-Own and resolve all guest requests or concerns immediately
-Maintain outstanding service levels not only in designated 3 table section, but for all of our guests
-Follow responsible alcohol service standards to ensure guest safety
-Makes themselves available to expedite food, get beverages, and then deliver these to our guests
-Check back with the guests frequently throughout the meal and be sure to pre-bus any item that is not in use
-Process orders and payments quickly and efficiently according to established standards so our guests' wonderful experience will not be interrupted
-Genuinely thank guests by their names and invite them to visit us again
-Ensure that all tables are cleaned and reset with a sense of urgency from clean floors, dry seats and table tops so that the next group of guests will have an enjoyable beginning to their meal
-Completes all running responsibilities throughout the shift including restocking and replenishing service supplies, condiments and service ware
-Complete an accurate cash out in a timely manner and then turn it in to the manager on duty
-Arrive to work on time, well-groomed and in clean and pressed attire according to Cheddar's server dress and appearance standards



May 2018 Aurora, CO
“Friendly staff, reasonable tips, good product”

Dining Room Host/Hostess

May 2019 - September 2019 Bowling Green, KY
“My coworkers”
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