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About CheersYou International Consulting Inc

Founded in New York, USA, CheersYou International Consulting Inc. is an educational consulting company. Through continuously making efforts in the past eight years, CheersYou has created the bridge between students and over 100 universities across the US, Canada and the UK. We gradually become the leading education consultants that has a huge number of clients from eastern Asia, constructing excellent admission plans for them and supporting them with every aspect of their future paths. By hiring alumni from top universities, who will share unique educational experience and real lifestyle from the colleges or universities where our employees are educated, CheersYou is able to provide targeted services and help clients achieve the best application result as well as experience.

Join us today! Our positions in both New York and Irvine offices are open to all Bachelor's and Master's degree-holding graduates. We encourage any candidate who meets this criterion to apply for any available position.

We welcome you to contact us at any time when you are ready to start your global adventure!


Internet Marketing Specialist

June 2023 New York City, NY
“The office is located in the center of New York City, is perfect for commuting, and has a lot of choices for lunch. Friendly and supportive work environment. All my colleagues are nice and my manager gives me valuable advice, which is helpful to me as a new graduate.”

Digital Marketing Specialist

August 2022 New York City, NY
“Convenient work location. The company is at 36th Street in Manhattan. Good onboard training. My supervisor guides me through a lot of detail, which is super helpful, especially for people like me who do not have lots of experience before.”
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