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Our story:
Chicken Salad Chick is the place for chicken salad lovers to rejoice! We have taking this southern favorite to a whole new level with 12 flavors of chicken salad severed from the heart. Beyond chicken salad, our fans rave about our fresh side items (especially our grape salad and broccoli salad), Our homemade pimento cheese, gourmet soups and seasonal desserts. We don't take ourselves to seriously at the chick and our hospitality is sure to please! Weather you are spending time with friends and family of gabbing a quick bite, chicken salad chick is your neighborhood destination to sit back, relax and enjoy delicious food! Why? Because we believe that good food brings people together and nourishes the soul.
Spread joy, enrich lives and serve others.


cashier/line worker

March 2018 - July 2019 Panama City Beach, FL
“Management was understanding and overall the job was a wholesome work experience”
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