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About Grand Haven

The Grand Haven area and Northern Ottawa County is one of the most historically significant areas in the state of Michigan, with its history dating back over 300 years. This lakeshore town has a 1.5 mile boardwalk that spans from downtown Grand Haven to Lake Michigan. The City has a population of 11,000, giving the city a small town feeling while still giving residents and visitors plenty to explore and experience.

Each year this area welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors to its vacation playground. Grand Haven boasts the name “Coast Guard City, USA” as it hosts an annual Coast Guard Festival that attracts 580,000 people each year. The convenient location and never-too-warm summer climate have made it a mecca for sportsmen and vacationers. Even though the area comes alive in the summer, there is plenty to do in the fall, winter, and spring through the thousands of acres of parks, including downhill skiing at Mulligan’s Hollow. Grand Haven is truly a pleasant place in which to live and visit.

About the City

The City has eight departments, which are City Council, City Manager’s Office, Finance, Department of Public Works, Department of Public Safety, Community Development, Airport, and City Clerk. There are also several affiliates, such as the Sewer Authority, Main Street, Northwest Ottawa Water System, and others. We have around 200 employees that are resident and visitor-orientated and provide the best service possible. The city has an operating budget of $47 million.

Purpose and Values

What is the purpose of city government?

It’s a group of people responsible for their community to generate growth (population and economic gains) and manage resources. That is what the city employees have been charged with doing and we intend to do our best!

We value diversity We welcome, honor, and respect the differences between us all.

We value ethics We strive to do the right thing, even if it’s hard.

We value professionalism We are qualified, skilled, and committed to our citizens and visitors.

We value respectfulness We respect each other’s values, differences, and contributions.

We value service We value our citizens and visitors so we empower our employees to solve problems.


Marina Dock Hand

June 2019 - August 2020 Grand Haven, MI
“I liked that I was very active and got to be outside in the nice weather during the summer. I also really enjoyed the people that I worked with and was able to interact with. I made a lot of connections with the customers that we had and got to network.”
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