City of Martinez

Community and Economic Development Intern

November 2018 - September 2019 • Martinez, CA

What I liked

It was a great experience in city government. I worked closely with the Community and Economic Development Department, Public Works, Engineers, and City Inspection. I was able to work towards making my city a better place; however, I did come to realize how systemically flawed municipal governance is.

What I wish was different

Bureaucratic red-tape is what I would change. No real positive work can be done due to the restrictions set forth to cover the cities ass against litigation. I found it incredibly frustrating how little we could do for our homeless community due to said red-tape. By the end of my experience I came to the realization that "city government" equates to "city corporation" (i.e. a business.)


If you are able to conform to the rituals and practices of corporate life, you will love this type of opportunity; however, if you are like me and are not as able to conform, this internship will frustrate you to the point of madness. I view this experience as very positive, but I do not think I have a future in city government.
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