City of Ontario

Recreation Worker

June 2019 • Ontario, CA

What I liked

I loved working with kids at Ontario's Movie Night's at the park event, downtown city hall. I'm normally a to myself kind of person, but at the event, I had to come out of my shell and talk and greet people and families in the community. I've never done anything like that before. I never knew I could be so comfortable on a stage hosting an event and make people laugh. Truly, I've grown to be more confident in my skin. I feel now that I can do anything and public speaking isn't something I should fear anymore. I can do it.

What I wish was different

Two things: I wish it was longer but I can't change time. As soon as I started getting really good at my job, summer was over. I wanted more experience. And I wish that I worked my summer events in the city though I was busy with mine.


I would say to go out there and do your very best and to put you into everything you do. I was a little nervous to host Movie Night's at the Park. I'd been told that thousands of people would attend this event. The first time I got on stage, I will admit, I wasn't as warm as I could have been because I was rushing. Once I got to a point that I needed to engage with my audience, and after watching dozens of Steve Harvey stand-up videos, I started telling stories on stage and cracking jokes. In the beginning, only one or two audience members laughed, but by the end of it, I could make an entire crowd cry of laughter.
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