CME Associates, Inc.

About CME Associates, Inc.

CME Associates, Inc. (CME) is a multi-talented and multi-disciplined engineering technology corporation that provides Construction Materials Evaluation and Technical Support Services to owners and professionals engaged in design, construction, and maintenance of buildings and infrastructure. CME's licensed engineers and certified technicians specialize in geotechnical engineering, construction materials evaluation in both field and laboratory, geological sciences, subsurface exploration, and investigative engineering. CME works on a variety of projects that support education, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and local municipalities.


Civil Engineering Technician

May 2019 - August 2019 Rochester, NY
“Everyone I worked with was extremely kind and caring and just wanted to help me learn and do the best job I could. I enjoyed being outside all summer, I never sat at a desk, not once. It was awesome and exciting and I never saw the same thing twice, everyday was something new. I also liked seeing the progress on all the different construction sites. Sometimes I wouldn't be on the same sight for 3 weeks or so and seeing the advances they made in that short of time was really interesting and cool. The contractors also love to show you around and help you learn new things and they want you to be as excited about their work as you are.”
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