About Cofense

Cofense is the leading provider of phishing mitigation and detection for organizations concerned about human susceptibility to sophisticated cyber attacks. Cofense's immersive training platform turns employees into an active line of defense by enabling them to identify, report, and mitigate spear phishing, malware, and drive-by threats. A data-driven approach ensures that Cofense integrates easily into the security technology stack, demonstrating measurable results to help inform an organization's security decision making process. Cofense customers include the defense industrial base, critical infrastructure, and Global 1,000 entities that understand changing user security behavior will improve security, aid incident response, and reduce the risk of compromise.

US Locations - Leesburg VA, Birmingham AL, NY and Denver


Sales Operations Intern

May 2018 Leesburg, VA
“The ability to have full access to company files, my duties were equal to those of my full time coworkers! I also had the opportunity to sit and learn from coworkers outside of my department about their role at the company and get a 360 operational understanding of my company!”
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