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Cogent is a Global Internet Service Provider, consistently ranked as one of the top five networks in the world. Backed by Cisco Systems, we provide Internet service in over 216 markets globally. We were once a startup funded by venture capital. And while we have matured to a stable, publicly traded (NASDAQ: CCOI) company, we’ve retained our startup mentality—transparency in operations, open dialogue among departments, fresh perspective from our newest employees. We omit titles from our business cards to deemphasize organizational hierarchy and bureaucracy.

Imagine life without the Internet. Your communications are paralyzed. Your business is crippled. Internet is a must-have for every company, for every person. At Cogent, you’re armed with selling a “must-have” connection to the Internet instead of a “nice-to-have” new software suite or billing platform. You’re selling a service to a business who can’t function without it.

Cogent Sales is a group of 600 enthusiastic, fearless professionals who persevere through successes and failures, while continually learning and growing. We are new grads entering the workforce; young professionals starting our careers and experienced professionals. We all share a professional passion for professional development and achievement.

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Finance and Real Estate Intern

May 2018 - August 2018 Washington, DC
“I liked how I was treated like a full time employee and given actual projects that were meaningful to the company”
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