College of Charleston: Center for Civic Engagement

Student Coordinator of the Bonner Leader Program

July 2018 • Charleston, SC

What I liked

I love being able to coordinate meetings and events for the Bonner Leaders while embracing our shared love for civic engagement and activism in everything we do. Our discussions feed each of our passions and we are constantly teaching and learning from each other while maintaining strong, lasting bonds. We have the opportunity to stay connected with not only the Charleston community but we expand our reach to all communities both domestic and international.

What I wish was different

I wish more people had to opportunity to partake in this program but I still feel satisfied knowing anyone in the community, especially on campus, can still get involved in the same service we do and others can still learn and grow in the same way we do.


Explore your resources! Opportunities are hiding in the places you'd least expect and don't hesitate to let your interests and passions guide you. Network! Use your community to make connections that will lead to bigger and better things after graduation. I have been serving at MUSC for 3 years now because of the connections I was able to make my freshman year. Now is the time to see what calls you and it is okay to try a few things out because each experience is leading you to your ultimate goal.
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