College Sitter Contact, Inc.

About College Sitter Contact, Inc.

As an independent contractor through College Sitter Contact, you will provide childcare at the homes of our registered families. CSC is an online platform that safely connects you with families in your community. We only feature college students who have adequate childcare experience and love working and playing with children!

It is completely based around your own schedule, payment is processed through our site, and you have the opportunity to network within your community and meet lots of wonderful kids! You must be reliable, trustworthy, engaging, and have prior experience working with children. This is a great position for anyone who loves working with kids, needs flexibility, and wants to become more involved in their community.
All of our sitters must have access to a vehicle where they live for their transportation to the homes of our families.

If you are interested in a position in Iowa City, Iowa please email



August 2023 Iowa City, IA
“The job is incredibly flexible, good money, and fun to do! I am currently a college student with an odd schedule of availability and I love how I get to make my own schedule for work. I also have the most caring and understanding manager. She truly helps you succeed through providing connections and working with both yours and the parent's schedules. The parents are just as great to work with and their kids are all well behaved and nice. I highly recommend this job to college students that love to hangout with kids of all ages.”


September 2022 Iowa City, IA
“I have loved everything about College Sitter Contact so far! From getting to create your own schedule and hours, the families and kids you meet, to Jill herself! It’s such a relief going through school and having a job where you get to pick your hours depending on how free you are each week! I’ve also loved having a membership to the Children’s Museum in Coralville through CSC because it’s great place to take the kids whether it be due to weather, learning, or just getting out of the house! Jill has been absolutely amazing the entire time I’ve worked at CSC! She is always there to help out if you need to rearrange your schedule or if you just want to have a friendly conversation! ”
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