College to Congress

About College to Congress

College to Congress (C2C) is a bipartisan nonprofit that offers exceptional students of traditionally underrepresented backgrounds to the opportunity to intern on Capitol Hill, by providing the connections, finances, and training free of cost. We are changing Congress to truly reflect the people it serves, one intern at a time.


C2C Fellow

May 2021 - August 2021 Washington, DC
“Interning on Capitol Hill has always been an aspiration of mine but frankly wasn’t financially feasible because of my socioeconomic status. College 2 Congress completely alleviated those concerns, as they provided the financial stability for me to intern on Capitol Hill without worrying if I could afford it. Equally important, they also provided me tremendous professional and personal support, which allowed me to take advantage of my internship to the fullest degree. Their online course (C2C-U) gave me the necessary tools and insights including learning how to network, learning proper wardrobe, and how to make the most of my internship. Lastly, the staff was so incredibly helpful whenever I had any personal issues or problems, they were all valuable resources for me. ”

C2C Fellow

June 2021 - August 2021 Washington, DC
“As a first generation college student who has always been passionate about helping people through public service, I always wanted a chance to work on the Hill but could never afford it. Being accepted to College to Congress made it possible for me to spend a summer working with my Congressman by subsidizing the low-paid internship program. In addition to that they provided a on-site support and training, networking oppertunities, and free housing. Such an unbeatable expereince. ”
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