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College Trips and Tips is a one-stop college resource for counselors, parents and students embarking on the college journey. Our curated travel guides provide the best places to Stay, Eat and Do -- to plan fun, meaningful visits with an authentic feel for college town life.

With dozens of articles from current college students ~ from the food scene to Greek life to helpful tips before you go ~ we have the real scoop on college life! Students will discover new schools, more affordable college options -- and find their best fit.


Writer Intern

November 2020 - January 2021 Wellesley, MA
“I felt incredibly supported by the leader Joy Denomme! While I was eager to write articles, she was equally excited to show me the ropes of travel writing and publishing. The hours were flexible and I was able to have some freedom in choosing cities/colleges to write about. If it was a place I was not as familiar with, I was given the support and resources to write an accurate article.”
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