Collegiate School

About Collegiate School

Collegiate School is a K-12 boys school of approximately 640 students located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Founded in 1628, it has maintained a reputation of excellence in boys' education and is particularly known for the strength of its academic programs, for the warmth of its community, and for the loyalty of its students and alumni. Throughout the school, we seek teachers who are knowledgeable in their disciplines, passionate about teaching, and eager to help students become independent adults and responsible leaders. We seek teachers who are inspiring and supportive in their work with boys, who are willing to teach beyond the classroom, and who share our belief in the values of collaboration, respect, and diversity.


Office assistant

October 2017 St. Louis, MO
“I like how I was able to do enrollment paper work, communicate with students and staff members. I really liked how the school is helping students pass and look forward to college. They involve their selfs in the students lives. ”
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