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About Colorado State University - Mechanical Engineering (1374)

The Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME) at Colorado State University (CSU) offers a curriculum that integrates exceptional classroom learning and in-depth engineering practice for an unparalleled educational experience. Made up of 46 faculty members, 13 staff members, 948 undergraduate students, and 138 graduate students, ME is one of the largest departments on CSU’s campus. State-of-the-art labs provide unmatched, hands-on experience to help undergraduate students conceptualize industry environments, and $7.5M in annual research funding provide groundbreaking opportunities focusing on health, materials, and energy, for graduate students to enhance their educational concentrations. Award-winning faculty offer industry and academic perspective, and equip each graduate with the tools needed to obtain leading positions in advanced technology fields. The Mechanical Engineering program at CSU includes majors in both Mechanical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering-Mechanical Engineering; both curriculum combine classroom learning with engineering practice. Our goal is to give our graduates the engineering skills they need to obtain leading positions in advanced technology fields. Our students are integral members of our research groups and their thesis and dissertation topics focus on cutting-edge research. Further information about the Department can be found at


Summer Research Intern

June 2021 - August 2021 Fort Collins, CO
“Being matched with a faculty member and a dedicated PhD student to work with is great in learning more about the subject matter. Having the freedom to go during your own time is also convenient especially when tasks aren't always necessarily have to be done in the lab (ordering and waiting for parts)”

Undergraduate Research Assistant

June 2019 Fort Collins, CO
“I enjoyed the project I was working on and learning about air quality. I learned a lot about the environment and data analysis techniques.”
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