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Columbus, Nebraska is in the heart of the Midwest. It sits at the confluence of the Loup and Platte Rivers, which provide a bounty of wildlife viewing, kayaking, hunting and fishing opportunities, as well as beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Columbus has a population of 22,000 and is one of the state’s most progressive and dynamic communities. Columbus offers a fair tax structure, outstanding public and private schools and a variety of recreation and entertainment options. It has clean air, safe neighborhoods, no traffic jams and plenty of sunshine. Columbus is 80 miles away from Nebraska’s largest communities, Omaha and Lincoln, which means the benefits of big city entertainment, major airports and a key Big Ten Conference University (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), are just a short drive away.


Occupation Health and Services Medical Technician I

May 2020 - August 2020 Columbus, NE
“The staff was absolutely spectacular! I got to work with some very kind and respectable people. They answered any questions I had and always made me feel right at home. Also, not everyone can say they directly helped keeping the public safe and healthy during the COVID-19 outbreak this summer! As a COVID-19 Screener, I was able to meet people of all walks of life at various locations in town including: nurses and the construction crew who never failed to put a smile on my face early in the morning (I am not much of a morning person), the YMCA staff and their patrons who I’ve learned so much from over the past few years, and the kind people entering and working at the courthouse who were so generous and also had a great sense of humor. Not to mention, I got to choose most of my hours, and I could always a work extra hours which was amazing! ”
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