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About Come on Out-Japan

Come on Out-Japan is an organization with a mission to create new and fulfilling international opportunities for college students and recent graduates. Our Summer Internship Program is dedicated to the importance of gaining an unparalleled life experience via cross-cultural education. Through intensive weekly classes focused not only on language, but also relevant global issues, U.S. Interns both facilitate the improvement of expressing opinions in English and impact the students’ discovery of their individual life missions. The benefits of this program are genuinely mutual, as interns receive new cultural understanding not only from Japanese high school students, but from the invaluable experience of living in one of the world’s most progressive cities. During the 6 week program, interns will gain more than just stimulating teaching experience; they will also gain new perspectives, knowledge and friendships from this unforgettable summer experience.


English as a Second Language Teacher

July 2022 - August 2022 San Francisco, CA
“I loved the job itself, but I also loved the staff and students I worked with. Everybody was very understanding, flexible, and fun to work with and made the whole experience so much better.”

English Camp Mentor

July 2018 - August 2018 Tokyo, Tokyo Prefecture
“The experience allowed me to feel culturally immersed in a completely new environment while honing my mentorship skills. I additionally practiced my ability to fluctuate my methodology of describing high level concepts depending on the English level of my audience. In the final week I was able to go through a consulting process of refining the program.”
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