Community Presbyterian Church

About Community Presbyterian Church

Community Presbyterian Church is a community of growing disciples, growing disciples. Three interwoven tasks are expressed in this statement. First, we are a community. We are a united family of believers, part of the body of Christ, joined together by Jesus and our love for him. Together we strive to be faithful, encouraging one another on the journey, teaching, coaching, loving, and guiding one another in this journey of faith into ever deeper faith and committed discipleship. Second, each person is called to be a growing disciple. We encourage each person to vigorously pursue Christ Jesus and grow continually in their understanding of the faith, Scripture, and in the practice of spiritual disciplines and the Christian life. Third, we exist to help others grow in discipleship. This means evangelism and mission work through which we bring others to faith, instruction and help in Christian growth, and training for ministry. We desire each person to feel part of a warm, loving Christian community, to intentionally pursue growth in faith and spiritual maturity, and grow in the passion and skills that makes them effective ambassadors of Jesus and his kingdom.


Summer Lunch Program Assistant

May 2018 - August 2018 Cedar City, UT
“I loved helping out kids in need and being able to spend my summer doing something that benefited the community.”
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