Cook CPA Group

Staff Accountant

December 2020 - March 2021 • Roseville, CA

What I liked

Got to get experience

What I wish was different

Evelyn Cook is a terrible leader and is very unorganized. Your given a task with no real guidance on what to do and then when you ask her what she wants done (because it has to be done her way) she says she doesn't have time or that she doesn't know. She also uses specific apps and programs for each task and expects you to know exactly how to use each one. Even a person with multiple years of experience and Accounting skills is still not going to know how to use each exact program. She has no people skills and is a horrible leader, just ignores you when you need a little guidance and then gets made when you spend extra time on something because you had to go out of your way to look it up yourself. Other students and staff have been at this same firm and also had a struggle with her which shows that it is her organization as a whole that is extremely unorganized.


Cook, you really need to get a structure in place. Take time to show your employees how to use your programs that you use because even the great Accountants in the world are not gonna know how to use your systems, nor are they gonna know everything about YOUR SPECIFIC CLIENTS. Each business is different and only you Cook know exactly what that client wants and needs done and if you don't communicate to your staff about the tasks and how to take them on, no one will ever get it done. I don't recommend people taking employment here, especially if you want to increase your accounting skills.
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