About cooledtured

cooledtured is an anime, vidoe game, TV movie or anything pop culture related action figure collectible store.


E-commerce Intern

January 2024 - April 2024 Riverside, CA
“The internship at cooledtured is very personalized to each individual. During my interview, I was offered a separate role based on my concentration in school, which helped me develop new skills. The culture of the company is incredibly welcoming and kind; I always felt comfortable to voice my opinions and ask questions. Also, I truly appreciate my supervisor and the leads for pushing me to become more creative with my videos!”

UI/UX Researcher Intern

January 2024 - April 2024 San Jose, CA
“Cooledtured was a unique internship experience, as it felt much more personal than any other job. I loved being able to talk to someone, 1 on 1, and have a back and forth discussion about my weekly projects. It truly made me feel connected to the company and the people there.”
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