Covenant Pines Bible Camp

About Covenant Pines Bible Camp

Covenant Pines' mission to to encourage campers to take a next step in the Christian faith. Our hope and goal that we work towards each day is that everyone who steps on our property may experience Christ with us.

Covenant Pines Bible Camp welcomes students entering grades 2 through 12 to attend our summer camp sessions. Each summer camp is different and each brings new activities and privileges. Trailblazers participate in more things than Kids Campers. High Schoolers enjoy more free time than they did in Junior High. As you grow up, camp grows up with you. This is also true of the spiritual depth of each youth camp. Tell your neighbors, invite your friends and register now! We look forward to seeing you at one of our summer camps this summer!


Camp Counselor

May 2019 - August 2019 McGregor, MN
“I LOVED IT! Working with kids from 2nd grade all the way to seniors in high school, it is a great experience for anyone who loves children and Jesus. Covenant Pines' mission is to encourage campers to take a next step in their faith walk with the Lord and as a counselor, you are personally coming alongside your campers to help them do so. You get to play games and do fun activities with them. Free housing, food, and an amazing life-changing community. ”
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