Cress Health

About Cress Health

Cress Health is a startup tackling an overlooked problem in the current COVID-19 pandemic: the rising mental health crisis. As we go through these uncharted times, levels of depression and anxiety are reaching an all-time high, a demand that our current mental health resources are ill-equipped to meet.

Through the Cress™ suite of apps, combining data-driven analytical tools with personalized chat-based support, we’ve already helped thousands of healthcare workers self-care better during the pandemic. But now, we’re on a mission to empower and support the mental wellness of people all across the nation.

We are now releasing our new AI-powered mobile application Callie, available for preorder. Callie is your personal wellness companion, delivering personalized tips and insights to make self-care easy for you. More information on Callie can be found at


Financial Associate

May 2020 - September 2020 Los Angeles, CA
“I enjoyed working on an impactful app with an impressive team of students from all around the world. ”

UX/UI Design Intern

May 2020 - August 2020 Cincinnati, OH
“I appreciated that cress took on and mentored students remotely during this crazy time in the world. I was still able to gain experience in UX/UI Design over the summer which is exactly what I was looking for. ”
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