Crestwell School

Administrative Assistant

August 2014 • Fort Myers, FL

What I liked

I love the team dynamics and the getting to know the children and families throughout the years. You see areas in need of improvement and you get it done without having to ask often for permission. You are self motivated to do work; with the idea that everything you do is for the growth of the children. You can cater your work towards what you want in terms of experience. Everyday is a fun day with new events.

What I wish was different

There are some things that could never be changed because of the school’s history and culture. Though you can fix things without the permission of the principal; that is only if you learned the school’s culture and dynamic by heart and know what would the principal do to solve the issue if you were in her shoes.


Don’t be afraid to ask questions and to take the initiative. You have to be self motivated to get through the day. Don’t wait around for someone to tell you to do something. Jump in.
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