Critical Link

About Critical Link

Critical Link is an innovative product development company that specializes in embedded systems design.

Based in Syracuse, NY, Critical Link designs and produces high-performance embedded processing/FPGA modules (System-On-Modules) and scientific/industrial cameras. Our products and engineering services are used in a wide array of applications including medical instrumentation, industrial automation, unmanned systems, audio, transportation, energy, and more.

We offer the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to projects in a dynamic team setting. We are looking for individuals interested in embedded hardware design and FPGA implementations. Applicable majors include Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering.


Firmware Coop

January 2019 - August 2019 Syracuse, NY
“The company gave me a lot of freedom, as long as I was able to get my work done. They understood that I had to learn a lot of things at the start, so they never gave me set deadlines but encouraged me to get my work done. The people I worked with were also very helpful and friendly.”

Engineering Intern

June 2017 Syracuse, NY
“This is a smaller but active company, so I loved the culture, I loved that several of the projects I worked on (and was almost solely responsible for) were going directly to the customer (post-review of course), and I loved that feeling of knowing everyone in the company because I knew that if I needed anything, I've probably already met the person that I would need to talk to. I also loved their relaxed attendance policy: they definitely care far more about a project being done and done well than the number of hours you put in.”
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