D3 Engineering LLC

About D3 Engineering LLC

D3 Engineering, LLC, headquartered in Rochester, NY, is an engineering services company specializing in real-time signal processing: Hardware, software, and algorithms. We develop and produce embedded systems for some of the world’s most innovative technology companies. Our work enables next-generation products for performance-critical applications in medical, industrial, automotive, and defense.

Our people integrate into our customers’ development teams and travel to their sites around the globe. Projects range from complex multi-year programs to short “skunk works” projects. We engineer products that meet international safety and quality standards, working with complex multi-heterogeneous processors running a variety of operating systems. We develop imaging algorithms for tracking, identifying, and detecting objects. We build high-speed digital boards while balancing signal integrity, ruggedness, and cost concerns. We design efficient multi-kilowatt power supplies and motors. We thrive on challenges including schedule, costs, and technical constraints.

What can you contribute to our team?
We nurture an environment where collaborative teams of bright people can solve customer problems. We give our people access to cutting-edge technology and let them lead the way. This is difficult work, as the perfect team is elusive—it requires vigilant and proactive people working together with respect and humility. Through teamwork, mentoring, and coaching we challenge each other to grow personally and technically. We foster a rewarding workplace where talented people can grow without limits.

Do you have a history of evolving with technology?
Technology is constantly moving forward. We have reinvented D3 throughout our history to keep pace. We look for people who have a proven track record of continuously challenging themselves to master the latest technology. We value change agents who will push to improve our processes, quality, and technology.

Do you have the professional and creative skills to help with our challenges?
D3 needs a diverse mix of talented engineers who can balance technology, customer expectations, cost, and quality. Our atmosphere is a mix of fun and serious. We solve problems with creative and innovative solutions.

We are different. How are you different?
We align with our partners on new and exciting products. Our access to advanced (sometimes unreleased) technologies from leading silicon and sensor companies leads customers to our front door.
We budget a large portion of revenue for reinvestment in D3. This internal research and development (IRAD) allows us to invent new solutions and DesignCore™ Platforms that drive the future growth of engineering services and ODM products (products we design and manufacture for our customers to brand).

What is your next challenge?
Never get bored. At D3, you will work on a wide variety of projects for industry-leading customers and internal R&D. You will continuously advance your skills in video analytics, high-speed digital, analog, high-power, control systems, and embedded Linux system design. Leverage our close partnerships with TI, Qualcomm, NVIDIA, Intel, and others to develop advanced systems using the latest ARM, DSP, FPGA, radar, and image sensor technology.

We are looking for people who want to design and build interesting and challenging things. Is that you?


Software Engineering Intern

January 2019 - August 2019 Rochester, NY
“Was treated like a full time employee and was given work that was mission critical to ongoing projects. I felt like I was actually making a difference and greatly helping the project forwards. This gave me a ton of opportunities to learn new things. Co-workers were easy to talk to for information about obscure systems. ”

Junior Hardware Engineer

May 2018 - December 2018 Rochester, NY
“The People are good to work with, they have some really talented and knowledgeable developers (one in particular, really), and i get to work on a lot of different projects.”
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