Day Zero Productions

Development Intern

June - August 2019 • Beverly Hills, CA

What I liked

I loved the wide variety of interesting scripts and materials to cover, they were a joy to read and I learned so much about my own writing. I also enjoyed that the internship gave assistant prep, such as learning how to roll calls, log calls in a time sheet, and speak on the phone with Hollywood industry etiquette. The people were great, strongly advocated for intern's learning and willing to help you with next steps. Supervisors scheduled an intern lunch as well as exit interviews, and were always willing to talk. Adjacent management company was also full of lovely people.

What I wish was different

The company is relatively new so the internship program is still being solidified, however I'm sure this will happen with time and due to the high volume of coverage you never run out of things to do!


Advocate for yourself. Although your supervisors are busy, don't be intimidated! They are very happy to help you and include you in things, you just have to be willing to speak up and ask for what you want.
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