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About DeCrescente Distributing Company

When you see a company grow and prosper year after year for more than 75, there’s a reason. For DeCrescente Distributing Company (DDC), it all began in 1948 with one man’s vision. That was the year Angelo DeCrescente, from Mechanicville, NY, started his beverage distributing business—operating it from his home with only a few brands to sell and one truck for deliveries. Angelo’s goal was simple. Treat your customers with respect. Have pride in what you do for them, and they’ll be your customers for life. Of course, building and maintaining strong customer relationships is hard work for any start-up. With persistence, dedication and a drive to succeed, Angelo’s fledgling distribution company would grow to become one of New York State’s largest distributors, and one of the region’s most respected family-owned and operated businesses, thanks in part to his son, Carmine, and later his grandson, C.J., who carried on his legacy. Fast forward to today, C.J. and his two sons Matthew and Carmine III continue to fulfill the DeCrescente mission. Through their active leadership style, progressive business approach and support of innovative technology, DDC continually rates among the best places to work in the Capital District—respected for its commitment to exceptional customer service, work-life balance, professional growth, and active involvement in the community.

Today, DeCrescente’s 400+ employees serve thousands of customers in an 11-county footprint that includes the Capital District. Over the years, the Company’s portfolio has expanded to include many of the nation’s most popular alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage brands, wines and spirits, and salty snacks. Employees of DeCrescente enjoy careers in sales and merchandising, warehousing, service and delivery, and in administrative and professional roles.



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