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About Deibel Laboratories

"Deibel Laboratories has been faithfully serving the food diagnostics and personal care industries for over 30 years..."
North American food producers demand the finest in outside testing services to ensure quality and protect their brand names; this is why so many companies turn to Deibel Labs. We are proud of our integral role in helping to ensure product safety and quality for all our clients. We achieve this with stringent quality control protocols, scientific integrity and personalized customer service initiatives.

Why Choose Deibel Laboratories?
In today's ever-changing regulatory world, it's nice to know that some things don't change, like Deibel Laboratories commitment of quality to our customers. We play an integral role in food and product safety for industry-leading producers, as well as family run operations much like our own.

We function with the corporate philosophy of partnering ourselves with our clients. We do not just churn out results, like many other testing laboratories; Deibel Labs provides our clients with personable and comprehensive microbiological and chemical support, thereby helping to ensure product quality.

A personalized and caring approach in working with our clients is the single most important factor setting Deibel Laboratories apart from the rest.

Partnership: In essence becoming an extension of your Quality Department. We give our clients comprehensive microbiological and chemical support, when and how they need it.

Quick Results: All microbiological samples are logged in and started the same day they are received. On-Line Data Retrieval System now available for easy access to results by our clients.

Problem Solving Solutions: Our trained technicians not only conduct assays, most have direct contact with our partners. “In-process Service Calls” are immediately placed to any client with a result out of their specification. This may be in the event of a presumptive positive or high microbial count before the assay is completed or confirmed.

Technologies: All methodologies are based on current FDA/BAM, USDA/FSIS, USP, AOAC and EPA recognition. PCR and ELISA assays for rapid pathogen detection are also available at most locations.

With fifteen laboratories across North America, Deibel is large enough to handle all of our client's testing needs and still give you the service and dedication you deserve.


Lab Technician

May 2020 - July 2020 Madison, WI
“The ability to advance in leadership positions if interested and a great way to gain plenty of hands on experience. ”
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