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The question “Why Deloitte?” can be broadly answered with “Because of who we are,” “Because of the world we serve,” and “Because of where we are going.” But when we boil it right down, the core of "why" is most powerfully due to who we are—a purpose-led organization.

Each and every one of us is guided by a shared Purpose—to make an impact that matters. It is such a simple statement of truth, but we didn’t get there easily.

We looked back through our history, at what we are doing now, and where we want to be in the future.

And we can honestly say that we believe that the truest measure of Deloitte is not how big we are, where we operate, nor what services we offer—it’s the impact we make in the world.

But what does that mean? Our Purpose is not a tagline, nor a catchphrase. It means that we need to ask ourselves every single day if what we are doing, saying, communicating is making an impact that matters. It underpins all we do and the decisions we make. It pushes us to be better.

Our Purpose informs how we help clients realize their ambitions, make a positive difference in society, and maximize the success of our people.

Our Purpose is not a short-term ambition. It is a long-term “north star” for all that we do.


Risk Analyst

May 2019 - August 2019 Kitchener, Ontario
“I enjoyed working with the team and getting to learn a new area of accounting”
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