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What can I expect in terms of career progression as a strategy & operations consultant at Deloitte?

You’ll start as a team member analyzing and synthesizing information. A team leader will take the synthetic information and develop a story to sell to the client or manager. Once you make SC you’ll stay a team leader and eventually have other team leaders report to you. Managers typically have 1-...
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Is there any work-life balance in a project controller position at Deloitte?

There are times where you need to extend your work hours or work even on weekends, especially during the year ends and quarter ends.
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Any tips for turning my summer analyst internship at Deloitte into a full-time offer?

Although I did not pursue further opportunities at Deloitte after my internships, I believe that being proactive, producing high-quality work, having an ability to see a big picture, and establishing a great relationship with your manager and your coworkers are the qualities that set apart succes...
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Do you think Deloitte is a good place to kickstart my career as a tax intern?

I think it's a great place to start your career. As a student, you may not know what field or company you want to work for but that's why there are internships. I had various internships before I interned with Deloitte, but I chose to sign full time with Deloitte because of their culture and the ...
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Is it true that there's no work ownership for tax interns at Deloitte?

This question depends on the department you are assigned to, because each department has different tasks and ways of doing things. But I think Deloitte does a great job of letting the interns take ownership in client work.
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Does Deloitte offer any training for their advisory and tax discovery interns?

The entire internship is training for the next internship. There is a one week long intern summit at Deloitte University and then a few weeks of on the job training.
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Does the role of a cyber risk advisory intern contribute to Deloitte's mission

Interns are highly valued at Deloitte and that is what made my experience worthwhile. Every-step of the way, you keep hearing just how important interns are to the culture because you become the future workforce. Commitment to each-other and your clients becomes important during training and they...
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Currently a cyber risk advisory intern at Deloitte & Touche. How can I turn this into a full-time offer?

Ask great questions, stay curious, and do not wait for work to come to you; go out and find the work that interests you. Talk to everyone you can and network with everyone.
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Does Deloitte offer upper management support for their senior solutions specialists?

Just as Senior Solutions Specialists provide coaching and mentoring to junior practitioners, Upper management mentors and coaches SSS’s. At some point, if you want to be promoted to the next level, you need to choose between the management track and the technical track. Technicians typically be...
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Can someone share what career progression may look like for a senior solutions specialist at Deloitte?

On the management track it goes from SSS to Solution Manager to Senior Solution Manager to PPD (Principle, Partner, Director/Managing Director). These are the VPs of the company. As you will hear at your Nova graduation ceremony, “the world is your oyster.” Your career is what you make of it,...
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Looking for insight into career progression for audit interns at Deloitte, can someone help me out?

So at Deloitte the progression is to typically do an internship while in undergrad or right after finishing undergrad, then going back to school to earn your masters in accounting or really any masters in business. Once you finish the internship and do well, you are offered a full time job, which...
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What's the career progression for a business technology analyst intern at Deloitte?

It's pretty fixed, which can be a good thing. As long as you're doing what's expected of you, you can be promoted to Consultant in two year, senior consultant in an additional 2 years, manager in another 2-4 years. Senior manager in another 2-4 years, then racing your way to be partner. Your prom...
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If I want to succeed as an assurance intern at Deloitte, what skills will help me do so?

People skill, both facing clients and team members. Also Excel skill is very important in improving working efficiency. I would say it's better to be very familiar with things such as PivotTable, data formating, sorting and pairing functions.
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Does someone here have experience with the assurance intern training program at Deloitte? What did it look like?

My training there was an one week program sitting in a conference room with other interns and listening to lectures. Most of the lectures are about how to use their audit software, so that interns can start to work right away after the training. But it was four years ago and the training probably...
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Does a role like project controller consultant actually contribute to Deloitte's company mission?

You are the "CFO" for each project making sure all project financial obligations are met by the client and all required financial reporting is provided to Deloitte. You provide accurate forecasts and financial metrics (gpm, burn rate, etc.) to the partner and help them plan future expenditures. A...
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Work-life balance is very important to me - will I get that as a project controller consultant at Deloitte?

Deloitte has done a good job to ensure people have a good work life balance. Expect to work 45 - 50 hours a week on average. After 1 year of working you typically get to work from home 1 - 2 days a week which is an added advantage that is underappreciated. You receive ample vacation days, but be ...
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Should I highlight specific qualities during my interview for a project controller consultant position at Deloitte?

They want to know if you are able to take a project/process from beginning to end and be able to describe any challenges you faced during the process and how you solved those issues. Be sure to outline your role in this process Ability to "multi-task" - A lot of Project Controllers handle multipl...
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As a legal consultant at Deloitte, should I expect much work-life balance?

Plenty. The benefit of creating your own schedule, is that you have the ability to structure your day as you'd like, assuming you work within the "core" hours (i.e. 9-5).
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Anybody care to share why they took on a human capital advisory services intern role at Deloitte?

The passion about consulting services and access to knowledge about different industries drove me to work as an intern at Deloitte Consulting. Being an intern in Human Capital Team allowed people to work with the highest management team in the target company for they determine the HR structure of...
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What could I expect if I spent a day in the life of a human capital advisory services intern at Deloitte?

A typical day for an intern with Deloitte Consulting: 8:00-9:00 transit to target company and get familiar with the interview materials; 9:00-11:30 interviews with the management team to know the actual needs behind their intends to reform the HR structure; 13:30-15:00 interviews or questionnaire...
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