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Does Deloitte their human capital advisory services interns to take ownership over their work?

As an intern, you can raise your hand and say what kind of job you prefer, or you are good at. They will consider that and then assign different work to you. Until then, you are totally responsible for the work provided from your side.
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If I were a systems engineer at Deloitte, what would a work day look like for me?

get to the office bright eyed, refresh all communications from the day before, and working with your team to delegate high priority tasks given for that day
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Is Deloitte a good place to kickstart my career as a systems engineer?

100% yes, it gives such a great breadth of experience among all sectors that go into delivering a full project. Also interesting with all sorts of people and backgrounds that truly give a meaningful insight towards the big picture
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I'll be doing an interview for a Professional Development series role at Deloitte, what experiences should I promote during the interview?

In an interview with Deloitte, highlight leadership roles you have emphasized and relate everything back to working successfully in a team and valuing people. They have a huge emphasis on making sure they recruit personable people and so it is much less about the accomplishments on your resume a...
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What should I expect during a typical day in the Professional Development Series at Deloitte?

The Deloitte Professional Development Series was offered to Strobel Honors Accounting Students and students each quarter attended one event with the firm that educated the student on everything from proper networking and etiquette to ethics. There was a high emphasis on networking and interactio...
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I really want to be successful as an international Tax Intern at Deloitte, what skills do I need to do so?

To succeed as an International Tax Intern, you should have strong reading and writing skills. A large part of the internship is research, which involves reading the Code and preparing memos. It is also helpful to brush up on your Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint skills before you start. Some compli...
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I want to be successful as a Cyber Risk Services Intern. What skills would you say will come in handy?

Interning anywhere is all about effort and enthusiasm. Do the easy stuff: be punctual, be prepared, be attentive. Then, take it the next step...ask meaning and substantial questions, always be willing to learn more. If you don't have anything to do at a particular moment, ask if there's anything ...
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As a Tax Intern at Deloitte, what are some of your main responsibilities?

Tax Interns do a lot of networking with people in the office. It’s really a time to see how well you work with people, your attitude and motivation. You do some preliminary trainings, attend Deloitte University for a few days and you get to work on actual projects. It is very Excel and Adobe heav...
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What's a typical work day like as a Tax Intern at Deloitte?

Daily schedule: arrive (between 8:00-8:30), check calendar & email, start working on some assignments that you have. You might be asked to sit in on a meeting. 11:30 is always lunch time- they’re early eaters. When you come back, you start working again. You might have another meeting with someo...
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What skills would help increase my chances of success as a Global Employer Services Intern at Deloitte?

Initiative, inquisitive, and open-mindedness. Taking initiative was the best thing I could have done to make my time as an intern stand out. Be diligent in your work and ask questions to understand why you are doing the tasks you are assigned—it helps you to understand the big picture of the busi...
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As an upcoming Global Employer Services Intern, how does my position contribute to Deloitte's mission?

The mission of Deloitte is "To help clients and people excel. The DTT member firms' size, strength and resources will help carry out its' mission now and in the future. DTT is driven to be recognized as the best professional services firm in the world.” In GES, you work with Deloitte’s global cli...
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What's a typical work day like for a Technology Support Analyst Intern at Deloitte?

I found the environment to be quite relaxing. It is a 9-6 work day with 1 hour of lunch that you can take whenever (as long as everyone doesn’t all go on lunch at once). The day would begin with setting up laptops for imaging. After the setup, we would go on to different tasks such as supporting ...
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Do Deloitte technology analyst interns have to work extremely long hours?

As an intern in the IT department, I had a great work life balance. There is no work outside of work as everything is done in the building itself. (You probably can’t do any work outside of the building except for computer repairs but they have people for that). The 8 hour workday didn’t even fee...
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Are there any skills that may increase my chances of standing out as an intern at Deloitte?

Microsoft office. Especially excel. Interpersonal skills. For example, communication skills, collaboration skills. Business sense. How to write a formal business email? How to communicate with different clients in a formal way? Dress code. No sport shoes or cloth. Business casual is welcomed. ...
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I REALLY want to receive a return offer from Deloitte. What can/should I do?

Be friendly to your colleagues. If there are some mistakes you made, be honest and try to recuse. Be active and show that you really want the full time offer. Prepare for some professional knowledge of CPA exams. For example, when are you going to take it , how many subjects and knowledge?
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Is anyone willing to share their thoughts on the pros and cons of being a risk management intern at deloitte?

Like: very experienced and talented team members. Everyone is super smart and super responsible; the work I was working on requires lots of excel and data analysis, which can be very helpful for future career. Dislike: working from 9am to 8pm can be pretty stressful and tiring.
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How's a typical day structured for a risk management intern at Deloitte?

8:30-9:30am: arrive in office and have morning meeting to report project process to clients. 9:30-11:59am: working on the projects. Manager will assign you the tasks. 12:00-1:00pm: lunch break 1:00-4:00pm: keep working on projects 4:00-5:00pm: have meeting with the other project team and clients ...
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Help! I have an upcoming interview for a risk management internship at Deloitte, what should I know beforehand?

They did not ask me any behavior questions. Every question is technical. First around is more about statistics and math. Content includes statistic model, series etc (topics covered in ECON203 and MATH241). The second round is more like, they give you 1 or 2 days to get familiar with the current ...
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What are some pros and cons of being a Discovery Intern at Deloitte?

As a Discovery Intern, I liked the opportunity to rotate between two departments, which were Audit and Tax for me. It's a good opportunity to compare which department you'd like to work in the future. I liked that Deloitte pays you to travel to a different city for training, which was Dallas for ...
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If I work at Deloitte as a Discovery Intern, will I have a lot of ownership/responsibility over my work?

You will have a decent amount of ownership over your work. Most things that you do, you have to put your initials down so people know that you did it. Your work will almost always be reviewed by someone else, so don't worry about making mistakes. Don't get me wrong, make sure that you try to do t...
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