Desert Jet


June - August 2019 • Thermal, CA

What I liked

What I liked the most about my internship at Desert Jet was that even though I was an intern I felt that I was truly apart of the team as a whole and played an important role in the day to day aspects of the company. Also being that it is a smaller company you become a part of the Desert Jet family and get to know everyone on a personal level and I really enjoyed that.

What I wish was different

Being that it is a smaller company and was going through some changes during my time there. There was some small issues with the upper management at times but nothing that would not make me do the internship again or work full time with the company.


Be prepared to hit the ground running and work. I can say that this internship proved to be extremely valuable to myself and it really showed that my education is valuable and useful. Desert Jet expects a lot out of their intern but not too much to handle. I was never really given a basic task, almost everything I did had a purpose and helped the company.
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