Diocese of Orlando

About Diocese of Orlando

The Diocese of Orlando was established in 1968. The Diocese of Orlando is comprised of 79 parishes and 12 missions, two basilicas, 37 schools, and more than twenty-seven ministries and entities. Led locally by its fifth Bishop, Most Reverend John Noonan, dedicated clergy, religious women, and members of Christ’s faithful bring forth the body of Christ through the administration of the Sacraments, the sharing of the Word of God and caring for those in need.

As a thriving and growing community of Catholic faithful, the Diocese of Orlando represents many cultural and ethnic groups, believers of all ages, income levels and education. But they all are united in the universal Catholic Church. In addition to English, Mass is celebrated in the Diocese of Orlando in eight foreign languages: Portuguese, Filipino, Spanish, Polish, Korean, Malayalam, Vietnamese, and Creole. We all call Central Florida home but the Catholic Church is our spiritual home where we share God’s love, experience the sacraments, serve the needy and encourage the distressed. Most of all, we come together for Mass to meet our Savior at the table of the Lord, grow in our relationship with Christ, lead others to holiness and share our blessings.


Camp Counselor

June 2019 - August 2019 Cape Canaveral, FL
“I liked getting to work with kids from all different backgrounds.”


June 2018 - July 2018 Azua, Azua Province
“I liked serving those around me. We helped kids learn how to do basic tasks that they are not able to learn on their own due to the lack of resources in the mountains. I loved seeing how those who really have nothing, will drop anything to make you feel welcomed. We came to the mountains expecting to be the ones serving, yet the wonderful citizens of this poor mountain served us too and I could not be more grateful for their love.”
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