Diva by Cindy

About Diva by Cindy

DIVA BY CINDY is a revolutionary hair care line developed to eliminate your hair woes.
The DIVA BY CINDY mission is to promote the growth of longer, healthier hair with products that are natural and alcohol-free. DIVA BY CINDY products are enriched with healing ingredients such as: Panthenol( B Vitamins) , aloe, rosemary, horsetail, nettles, peppermint, menthol and camphor which stimulate the scalp , promoting circulation and hair growth.While leaving your hair silkier and shinier. Our rinse-out and leave-in conditioners penetrate the hair shaft, infusing the hair with the moisture and nutrients it needs. Our products are also formulated to work on cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy ( who experience hair loss), individuals with thyroid disorders on thyroid medications, women who experience hair shedding and hair loss from hypertension and anti -hypertensives, and tension and traction alopecia. The extraordinary detangling ability of DIVA BY CINDY products keep hair on the head instead of stuck in the comb or on the floor, giving you longer, healthier divalicious hair.


Student Event Coordinator

January 2016 Owings Mills, MD
“Being able to interact and meet new people. This allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone alot.”
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