Diversified Technologies, Inc.

About Diversified Technologies, Inc.

Diversified Technologies, Inc. (DTI) specializes in the precision delivery of high voltage and high power for critical systems. DTI produces cutting edge power converters and transmitters to meet critical needs in defense, scientific, and commercial systems. Our 21st century solid state designs replace 20th century vacuum tubes, enabling entirely new capabilities and modernization of existing systems. DTI’s expertise in solid state, high voltage power control and electromagnetics provides the base for future innovations and applications, through our technology development efforts - in power distribution, sensors, materials, and a range of other applications.


Electrical Engineering Intern

January 2020 Bedford, MA
“Everyone at the company is not only inclusive, but ready to teach you anything. My coworkers are very experienced and welcome new ideas, as a result the company is agile and ready to accommodate. You are expected to learn a little bit of everything, and should be ready to jump on any task. Having an internship here is ideal because you will be exposed to a lot of different subjects and facets of EE, allowing you to really decide well what you want to do (not just at DTI, but for the industry in general). The office environment is very chill, and everyone is friendly. ”
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