DoBe Group

Marketing Assistant

April 2019 • Newark, CA

What I liked

DoBe Group plays a leading role in developing China’s cultural and creative industries. To fully serve cultural & creative tech enterprises in different developmental stages, DoBe created products in multiple forms. At Present, we have three brands, DoBe E-manor, DoBe WE” and DoBe Sports Loft, which provide services to small and medium-sized enterprises, foreign owned enterprises and sports related enterprises respectively. In 2018, DoBe has released the shared office product “DoBe Space” and the “DoBe Union” is in accelerating research and development. Since 2006, DoBe has invested in operating cultural and creative parks. At present, DoBe has successfully operated more than 70 cultural and creative clusters in Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Nanjing, Silicon Valley and Firenze. The total area of the parks reaches nearly 1.5 million square meters. After choosing DoBe, a group of excellent cultural and creative enterprises achieved industry clustering and development. In the next decade, DoBe will set up 500-1,000 parks in first-tier and quasi-first-tier cities in China. At the same time, DoBe is actively carrying out globalization, striving to cover eight domestic core cities, as well as overseas core cities such as London, Paris, Milan, New York, Melbourne and Tel Aviv within 3-5 years. DoBe will become a platform for connectivity between Chinese and overseas enterprises.

What I wish was different

DOBE’s focus goes beyond providing just the workspace. We connect and develop your team with turn-key solutions customized just for your very needs. Customized Turn-key Services: 1. Business Management Consulting 2. Human Resources 3. Brand Promotion and Marketing Events 4. Financial Consulting 5. Wealth Management 6. Legal Services


Marketing Assistant • Assist on developing and executing marketing strategies to achieve leasing, company branding • Build up relationship with local governments, media and enterprises for further cooperation and marketing promotion • Update Facebook account, etc. • Cooperate with colleagues from branding department in Shanghai to create the branding strategies • Assist on preparing lease contract, maximizes the occupancy rate and rental
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