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"Going into a tech company, there's almost an assumption of advertisements, exploiting user data, and a faceless, non-human interface. Understanding our business model really made me feel confident that we are doing something necessary, sustainable, and altruistic for the medical community. I'm lucky to be working alongside like-minded people towards a mission we believe in. "
Elizabeth John, Clinical Collaboration Manager

"In my three years of working at DocMatter, it has been incredible to see the growth in the company and our continuous impact on healthcare system. As an Account Manager, I get to work with some of the largest medical organizations in the world to provide transformational technology to clinicians, that ultimately impacts patient outcomes. I feel enriched by the meaningful work I do daily as well as the opportunity to learn from my colleagues and leaders at DocMatter." -
Luis Perez, Account Manager - Societies

"I previously practiced as a clinician in the nutrition & wellness field—to this day, I wish that I had DocMatter to exchange knowledge and experiences with my colleagues! Every single position at DocMatter plays a key role in promoting, accelerating, and disseminating the exchange of crucial medical knowledge, and facilitating meaningful peer-to-peer engagement and collaboration in the medical community. This work is tremendously rewarding and has a direct impact on patient care. Our team takes an active role in supporting Healthcare Professionals in engaging and collaborating with their expert colleagues. The work we do here at DocMatter actively fosters community and cooperation within the medical field."
Emily Seferovch, MDS, RD, Clinical Engagement


Data Intern

June 2018 - December 2021 San Francisco, CA
“Even as an intern, I felt like my projects had high visibility in the company. Even if the projects seemed tedious at times, the work I did is still being used today! The company is small, and the managers are invested in everyone's success. It is not unusual to speak 1-1 with the President or CEO, which is a unique opportunity to understand what high-level leadership is focused on and ask about personal career development.”
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