What is the interview process typically like for an account manager job at DoTerra?

Be able to sell yourself! A lot of the interview process is to see how well you fit in with the current account managers. The interviewers want to see if you would be enjoyable to be working around and with everyday for 8 hours. Have a personality and be able to be confident in your ability to ge...
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Typically, what is it like working as an account manager at DoTerra?

As an Account Manager you will work with Silver Rank and above distributors and help them manage their own accounts as well as helping resolve any issues for their downline. You will primarily interact via email and phone calls. Very rarely, but occasionally a leader will want to meet face to fac...
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Did you enjoy the company culture at DoTerra?

The culture at doTERRA is very people and service oriented. It isn't so much about the numbers, but about the lives you change and the people you come in contact with. The company overall promotes a lot of service and donates to a lot of causes. doTERRA has their own non-profit organization calle...
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How is the work-life balance as an Account Manager at DoTerra?

It is really easy to balance work and life as an Account Manager. The Account Management department is only open Monday-Fridays so you never work on the weekend, and the hours are from 8am-6pm. You are a part of a team though and can work out your respective schedules as long as someone is here d...
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What skills do I need to succeed as an Account Manager at DoTerra?

I would say that Communication is number one. Be able to effectively communicate with other Account Managers, people in different departments, as well as our Distributors out in the field. If you can effectively communicate everything else can be learned on the job.To move up within Account Manag...
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