DREAM (Developing Relationships through Education, Athletics and Mentoring)
Our mission is to expand opportunities for at-risk youth by providing positive role models, experiences and assistance. Our vision is to provide support and encouragement to young people through after school programs, mentoring, general support, and sports training through Warren Academy.

DREAM is proud to:
-> Serve over 600 youth every day through our after-school and athletic programs.
-> Have over 200 young men attend our Becoming A Man mentoring program each year.
-> Have 55+ current college athletes that trained with Warren Academy.

Warren Academy (WA)
Warren Academy was established as an organization under the DREAM umbrella in 2008 to help athletes take their performance to the next level mentally and physically. Our mission is to help athletes unlock their potential by providing quality training and education. Our programs develop a solid athletic foundation that improves performance and allows each athlete the ability to excel in their sport.

WA Programs:
Strength & Conditioning
Speed & Agility
Position Specific Football Training
Camps and Clinics


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