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About Driving Forward Institute

About Driving Forward

In 2020, hundreds of thousands of students looking to enter the working world had their internships cancelled. In fact, by May 2020, over 30% of summer internships across the U.S. were called off.

Driving Forward began soon after realizing the harsh financial reality these students faced after their internship was cancelled.

We set out to help students gain the skills and network they needed to move from college to career.

Our Mission

Our mission is to set up our next working generation for success. Driving Forward prepares students who represent:

Challenges from the impact of COVID-19

Diverse backgrounds

First-generation college students

Financial hurdles for the transition from college to career

We do this by offering an online internship program with the support and partnership from many organizations. We value helping our interns build connections that can help their new and future careers.

Our Programs

All of our student-centric programs offer ways to gain core business skills through:


Case study work


Driving Forward interns work through their own professional development and business-focused course work.

Our success is largely due to our talented volunteers. Whether working with interns or behind-the-scenes, the vast experience they bring to each internship may help our interns land their first job.

If you’d like to join us, please sign up to volunteer.

Virtual Internships

We run virtual internship programs that offer as close to an onsite internship opportunity as possible. What sets us apart is our programs fully work in virtual settings.

At this time, our Driving Forward programs run seasonally throughout the year. Our interns, from many schools and cities across the U.S., work in small virtual groups to solve today's real business issues in a cross-functional way.

While partnering with our volunteers, they research and pitch Capstone case studies on how a company or product can survive and thrive during COVID-19. View internship program details.

Meet Our Founders

We're happy to share more about Driving Forward and answer any of your questions.

For starters, please check out our LinkedIn profiles. You’ll see we also have day jobs with backgrounds in:

Fortune 500


Entrepreneurial start ups

Thank you to all who support us as we help our interns drive their careers forward.

Marv Richardson

Kate Neal

Claire Pedersen

Bhoopendra Singh


Summer Retail Sales Analyst

June 2020 - August 2020 Chicago, IL
“Driving forward was an incredible experience I am so grateful to have had! I was able to connect with industry professionals regularly, had access to awesome learning resources, and was able to work in a team all summer to do a comprehensive analysis of apple’s retail strategy. It opened me up to a lot of new connections, and helped me land a dream internship in consulting. I’ve been able to stay in touch with the organization and serve on alumni panels and as a mentor to give back! ”

Analyst (Management Consulting)

June 2020 - August 2020 Chicago, IL
“The people are INCREDIBLE. Everyone involved is looking to aid interns in any possible way. Created and led by some of the top business professionals. This experience is unmatched!”
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