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In 2014, Post Holdings Inc., acquired Dymatize Enterprise Inc. to support a portfolio management strategy of building a powerful, leading Active Nutrition Group. The Post Holdings Active Nutrition Group includes The Premier Nutrition Company (PNC) and Power Bar (PB), as well as Dymatize Enterprise, Inc. This collective group of brands positions Post Holdings as an industry leader wherever Sports Nutrition products are sold. And while PNC and PB are distributed through mass-market channels, Dymatize remains true to the Sports Nutrition Specialty Channel. Sold in over 50 countries, Dymatize is committed to supplementation for serious athletes by providing best-in-industry, elite sports nutrition supplements to sport nutrition specialty retailers and e-commerce partners.

Dymatize is a leading, global brand, known for it’s exceptional protein portfolio, which consists of ISO100, Elite 100% Whey, Elite Casein, other Elite protein blends, and Super Mass Gainer. These products are highly technical whey protein formulations developed by in-house sports nutrition and food scientists. In-house product development ensures Dymatize produces the best-tasting, most efficacious products available. While there are many competitive whey protein isolates and blends on the market, few meet the exceptional taste and flavor variety of Dymatize brands. In order to support athletes’ non-protein nutritional needs, Dymatize markets other sports nutrition supplements, such as Amino Pro, BCAAs, Glutamine, Creatine, GABA and more.

All Dymatize products are produced by a network of carefully vetted and chosen co-manufacturers, all of whom meet the most rigorous of Quality Control testing. Dymatize products are manufactured in plants certified by NSF for GMP and Informed-choice certified ensuring products are free of all banned substances. The Dymatize Protein Ethics is a direct expression of Dymatize’s insistence on truth in packaging with formulations that are based on integrity and transparency. Look for the Dymatize Protein Ethics to begin appearing on tubs of protein products late Summer 2016 with new, rebranded packaging.

In today’s world of sports nutrition, it is verified quality, formulations grounded in real science, and proven performance that is foundational to Dymatize’s commitment to protecting and honoring all athletes.

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Dymatize is a subsidiary of Post Holdings Inc., a consumer goods company currently operating in the center-of-the-store, active nutrition and private label food categories.


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