Data Analyst Intern

May - August 2020 • Doha, Qatar

What I liked

Since it was a startup, I really liked the fact that I got to try new things for the company and wasn't restricted to what I was told to do. I really enjoyed interacting with people from across the world and my mentors in the company were amazing. They appreciated new ideas and supported me fully along the way.

What I wish was different

I wish that I had interacted more with the people working at the company than I initially did. This would have helped me make better connections.


Don't hesitate to ask. It's always to discuss openly the problems you are facing rather than keeping it to yourself. If you believe you can bring something new to the table, then just do it and don't worry whether they will like it or not. Lastly, don't take internships lightly as just something to fill your resume with. If you really work hard at the internship you will certainly get to learn a lot.
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