Education is Freedom

About Education is Freedom

EIF assists students in the 6th - 12th grades with identifying their post-secondary dreams, navigating the systems inherently connected with their choices, and persisting on their chosen paths.

The EIF team is comprised of a select group of diverse, highly skilled, and passionate individuals who are committed to supporting students through the college and career journey. Each of EIF's campus-based Higher Education Advisors (HEAs) bring a wealth of cultural and technical knowledge to their advising sessions. By creating authentic relationships based on empathy and honesty, EIF HEAs are able to motivate and guide students on paths leading to post-secondary opportunities and fulfilling career aspirations.

EIF is committed to building long-term consistent relationships within the communities and families it serves. EIF recognizes and appreciates the unique qualities of each campus and emphasizes the importance of matching the best HEA with campus leadership and the students for whom they will be serving. EIF's HEAs have similar backgrounds to the students they are advising and have experienced many of the same challenges. Despite these challenges, our HEAs have graduated from college or university and bring a mindset of growth and resilience to each student interaction.

EIF wants each young person to succeed and have the lifelong gift of choice and opportunity.


Intern Advisor

June 2019 - July 2019 Dallas, TX
“Inspiring the kids and informing them about college and possible career choices.”
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