EPS Group, Inc.

About EPS Group, Inc.

Civil Engineering - Landscape Architecture/Planning - Survey - Construction Management

Headquartered in Mesa, Arizona--with additional offices in North Phoenix, Tucson and a newly opened office in Loveland, Colorado--EPS Group is an award-winning, multi-disciplinary professional consulting firm providing land and infrastructure development. We are the largest locally owned civil engineering firm in Arizona.

When you select EPS Group, you unlock the capacity of a large-scale firm that represents some of the best talent in our industry. EPS Group encourages a culture of mentorship and advancement through internal promotions, to ensure you are on your ideal career path.

Office, job site tours, and messages from leadership:


Civil Engineering Intern

October 2020 Mesa, AZ
“Everyone here at EPS Group is super friendly and helpful. They are very understanding of your school schedule and want you to make school a priority. You will learn a lot from these professionals!”

Civil Engineering Intern

June 2019 Mesa, AZ
“Everyone is willing to help others learn, which made it easy to ask questions and pursue knowledge. All of the teams I have been a part of are excited to teach interns and help them prepare to spend a career in the industry.”
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