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About eScholar LLC

eScholar works with state, local and federal education agencies across the country to help them solve their education data management and data warehouse challenges. For over 15 years, we have been exclusively focused on delivering education data management solutions which enable education agencies to integrate, manage and make available key education-related data. We have built an organization of experienced education data management and software and project management professionals who understand the challenges and issues associated with the collection, integration and management of education data.

Our company values Integrity, Leadership, Respect, and Diversity. We enjoy working with people who can turn insight into action, who are strong analytical thinkers and creative problem solvers, and who are able to influence others in both verbal and written communication. Talented candidates who work well independently and who have a demonstrated ability to positively engage with others should consider a career with eScholar.

We are entrusted with the important responsibility of helping students achieve their educational goals. At eScholar we never lose sight of our obligation to protect and support the students and educators who have put their trust in us. This means that each member of our team strives constantly to be worthy of that trust by openly accepting and providing honest perspectives in everything we do.

eScholar not only serves education agencies including school districts and state education agencies, but leads the education field in helping educators respond to students’ needs. We do this by discovering innovative means to help students achieve their goals. We value leaders who can align the success of our team to the success of our customers and to the ultimate success of the students.

eScholar team members must respect the mission we are focused on, as well as the perspectives of our customers and of the professionals we partner with. This requires that team members demonstrate that respect for others and their viewpoints and conduct themselves in a manner worthy of respect in return.

eScholar is focused on helping individual students achieve the goals they have chosen for their lives. To accomplish this, we must value each person’s culture and perspective to communicate and deliver our services in a manner which reflects that value. This imperative demands that we seek and cultivate a team that reflects the diversity of the world we serve.


Information Technology Intern

July 2019 White Plains, NY
“I appreciate their understanding that my schedule needed to change once my school year began, and that they encouraged me to take time off to study around midterms and finals if I felt it was necessary. That's incredibly valuable from an employer in this position.”
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